Worldcon 66

Denver BearDave Keener attended the 66th World Science Fiction Convention in Denver, Colorado, from August 7 to 11. As per usual, there were lots of great events, good food and many, many SF books. The convention center was also nice, with an interesting statue, as shown below:

RubyNation 2008!!!

The RubyNation 2008 Conference was a stunning success on August 1 – 2, easily at the upper end of what the organizers were hoping for. The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) venue was excellent, with plenty of parking, a really nice auditorium and good electronics capabilities. The catering was first-rate. Finally, the array of speakers and the mix of topics went over very well with the audience. Rest assured, there will be a RubyNation 2009.

Oh, and by the way, I had great time giving my presentation on JRuby…

David Keener at RubyNation 2008