Interview for the EngineYard Podcast

EngineYard will be interviewing me next week for their Cloud Out Loud podcast. They’re specifically interested in my experiences with Ruby on Rails in the government arena. In the DC area, the presence of Rails within government agencies has been growing dramatically.

Deploying KeenerTech From Git

I just published my first update from my shiny, new Git repository. But I still have all of my old history from my original Subversion repository. How cool is that?

(OK, maybe you really have to be a techie to appreciate this.)

Rails 3.1 Released

In case you haven’t heard the news, Rails 3.1 was released today. Lots of incremental improvements, including built-in SASS support, JQuery as the default JavaScript library, the “asset pipeline,” etc.

Git Giggle

Many thanks to Jonathan Quigg for pointing me towards Git Giggle, a UI tool that allows you to visually explore how a file in your Git repository has changed over time. Forget “git blame,” this tool is much more informative.