Dog in AOL T-Shirt

All right, this has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with technology. Although it could possibly be construed as an advertisement for AOL. of course, using your dog as a billboard might be a little extreme ....

Still, let me get back on track here. I'm posting these pictures of my dog, Bentley, because my neighbors seem to think that he looks hilarious. Now that he's recovered from his medical ordeal, I can basically agree with them.

Bentley in his AOL T-shirt

Bentley is a 132-pound Labrador-Rottweiler. He's pretty much a vastly overgrown puppy, even though he's 9 years old now.

Bentley developed two medical issues that we had to take care of. First, he burst a blood vessel in one of his ears, so a good portion of his ear filled up with blood like a balloon. Second, he developed a large lump under one of his front legs that began to interfere with his mobility.

A lot of big-breed dogs are prone to getting these benign fatty lumps; they're not dangerous or painful, but they can get in the way. Bentley's lump was the size of a baseball, so we had the vet remove it. Because of the size of the lump, the vet had to leave some drains in his chest for a couple of weeks.

Since you don't want a dog dripping blood around your house for a few weeks, the vet suggested that we put a T-shirt on him. This is how Bentley became the owner of some of my older T-shirts, including a "You've Got Mail" T-shirt from AOL, which is seen in these photos.

So this is Bentley, proudly wearing his AOL T-shirt, and with a bandage wrapped around his head to protect the ear that needed to be fixed ... but with the good ear left sticking out. Strangely, wearing the T-shirt didn't bother him in the slightest.

Bentley, resting on his couch


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