Quick Start: What Is Rails?

Quick Start - What Is Rails? I think Ruby on Rails is an excellent technology and a good choice for a sizable proportion of web projects. Since it's a new technology, I've also encountered a certain amount of inertia, sometimes even outright resistance, to adopting it as a technology. In some cases, the resistance was solely because individuals had no real familiarity with what Rails was, or why it might be a more viable choice than Java for some tasks.

I created this simple presentation, Quick Start: What Is Rails?, as a way to quickly introduce others to the Rails framework.

It's intended to be a quick, 10-minute, non-technical overview of Rails. I've typically given the presentation with one of two possible spins, depending on the audience:

  • Newbies: If the audience consists of "newbies", people who have no background on Rails, then the spin is just a gentle introduction to Rails and the philosophies that underlie the framework.

  • Rails Partisans: If the audience consists of individuals who are already familiar with Rails, then the spin is about how they can educate others about Ruby on Rails.

I've found this presentation works well in both situations. For those being introduced to Rails for the first time, it communicates a high-level view of why Rails is different than the typical Java frameworks.

For the more experienced individuals, they're often faced with situations in which they want to use Rails, but need to sell it to others in order for that to happen. Selling isn't a skill that's necessarily at the top of the heap for a lot of developers, so any help in this arena is usually beneficial.


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