NovaRUG: Implementing OpenID for Your Social Networking Site

FGM Building, Reston VAOn March 19th, 2008, I gave a technical presentaton to the Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group. This was the largest audience I've spoken in front of, and I was pleased to find that the audience was friendly and indisputably interested in learning about key technologies like OpenID. Judging by the number of excellent questions that I got, the audience was definitely following the presentation intently, which I found highly gratifying.

The Presentation

For my presentation, which is now available in PDF form online, I chose what I think is a key topic within the Internet community: "Implementing OpenID for Your Social Networking Web Site."

Presentation: Implementing OpenID for Your Social Networking Web Site. There are thousands of social networking sites, each with their own unique sign-on systems. How many user names and passwords do you really want to remember? Wouldn't it be nice if you could have a single sign-on that you could use on all of the sites that you frequent?

Welcome to the realm of OpenID, an open-source, decentralized authentication scheme that allows users to: 1) choose who maintains their identity information, and 2) use their identities across the many thousands of sites that already support OpenID.

In this presentation, you'll learn how OpenID works, how to add support for it to your social networking web site and how OpenID can make your web site accessible to the millions of people who already use OpenID ... including every single AOL user.


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