NovaJUG: Creating Dynamic Charts With JFreeChart

FGM Building, Reston VAOn April 9th, 2008, I will be giving a technical presentaton to the Northern Virginia Java Users Group, at the FGM building in Reston. This will be my first time presenting for the NovaJUG, and I'm looking forward to it.

Many thanks to Gray Herter for setting this up, and giving me the opportunity to speak.

The Presentation

My presentation, which is available in PDF form online, is called: "Creating Dynamic Charts With JFreeChart."

Creating Dynamic Charts With JFreeChart. JFreeChart is an open source charting library implemented in Java. It provides the capability to dynamically create sophisticated charts and incorporate them into Java applications.

The library supports a variety of chart types, including pie, bar, line, area and other types of charts. It also provides support for more complex charts, such as Gantt charts, candlestick charts, stacked charts and polar charts.

This in-depth presentation illustrates how to create charts in Java with the JFreeChart library. The emphasis of the presentation is on how to smoothly and effectively incorporate the charts into web sites.

In almost no time at all, you'll understand how to use JFreeChart to dynamically generate charts from a live database and embed the chart within the context of a web page.


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