Pop Quiz: Why Does Verizon Suck?

The graphic below shows my download and upload speeds in megabytes per second from Verizon FIOS. Can anybody guess why I think Verizon's FIOS service sucks? At least for me, anyway.

Hint: I'm paying for the 20/5 plan, which means I should get 20 Mbps download speed and 5 Mbps for the upload speed.

My personal Verizon download speeds

I generated this chart using Verizon's own online speed test, which can be found at the link below:

I realize, of course, that actual download and upload speeds may vary a due to a lot of issues, but I nevertheless feel that I should be getting something close to the speed that I'm paying for. I'm paying for the 20/5 (download/upload speed) plan.

At 4.6 Mbps, I'm getting less than 25% of the 20 Mbps ownload speed that I'm supposed to be getting. I don't care what kind of weasel-words like "up to 20 Mbps" that the lawyers put in the contract, that's just not acceptable.

When my actual performance is less than half of the next lower tier that Verizon sells (10/2), there's something wrong, and it's not my home network. By the way, you need at least 8 Mbs to watch movies online using sites like Hulu.com.

Since I tend to watch Hulu.com far more often than regular network television, the low bandwidth from Verizon really ticks me off.


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