RubyNation 2009 Design Preview

RubyNation 2009 is just around the corner, and I've been working diligently with Don Anderson, graphic artist extraordinaire, to come up with a suitable design for this year's conference hand-outs, such as the T-shirts and badges. So here's a preview of the design we came up with.

Admittedly, Don did most of the work. But I helped with the concept, and by reviewing the different versions of the design as we refined it. We wanted to come up with a distinctive and iconic symbol for the conference that also provided some reference to the region, the Washington DC metropolitan area, where the conference is held.

I then worked with CustomInk to design the T-shirts that all conference attendees receive. CustomInk has been one of the sponsors for the conference for the past two years. They're a local company, and a profitable one; they make millions of dollars per year creating T-shirts, hats, bags and other customized products. Most of their software is implemented in Ruby on Rails, and this sponsorship is their way of supporting the local Ruby community.

CustomInk has an excellent online design center for creating customized products, such as T-shirts. I was able to upload our design, select from a variety of different T-shirt styles and basically craft a top-quality product. As part of the process, CustomInk also generates an example graphic showing what the product will look like. So, here's an example of what this year's T-shirt will look like:

If you ever need to create similar products for a group or organization, I recommend CustomInk wholeheartedly. They run a smooth, efficient and reliable operation.


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