Maven Introductory Presentation Available Online

Maven 2 is a software build tool that automates a wide variety of tasks for software developers. It was also designed from the very beginning to be extendable. As a result, the open source community regularly expands its capabilities with new plugins. All of this makes Maven a very useful tool for developers, marred only by the learning curve required to become proficient with the tool.

My presentation, Maven: Managing Software Projects for Repeatable Results, provides a concise and focused introduction to Maven designed to reduce the learning curve.

This presentation covers:

  • How Maven manages software dependencies for you
  • How the Project Object Model (POM) defines your software project
  • How Builds can be accomplished using Maven
  • How Archetypes (Templates) can automate setting up new projects
  • How Maven is installed
  • How Maven can generate a project ant file if you need one
  • How Maven can be integrated with the Eclipse IDE
  • Provides other resources to get you up-to-speed quickly


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