Quick Start: ActiveScaffold

In early 2009, I created one of my Quick Start presentations about the ActiveScaffold plugin. Although it's got some flaws, ActiveScaffold provides developers with a drop-in replacement for the built-in Rails scaffolding. ActiveScaffold pages won't set the world on fire, but the plugin does produce nice-looking administrative maintenance pages for web site data — pages that are nice enough to be shown to customers without embarrassment.

I ended up using the presentation as a Lightning Talk at Scotland on Rails. Now, I'm finally getting around to making it available online in PDF form.

Presentation: Quick Start: ActiveScaffold ActiveScaffold is a great tool for Rails developers to have in their arsenal. ActiveScaffold helps you build key administrative web pages quickly and easily, with a reasonably nice look-and-feel and sophisticated features like column sorting, pagination and sorting automatically built-in for you.

In fact, I've used ActiveScaffold extensively for all of the behind-the-scenes functionality required to maintain a content-rich web site like KeenerTech.com.


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