Video Production Volunteers Needed

RubyNation 2010 is just around the corner. The conference is April 9 - 10. We've just released a "Volunteers Needed" flyer for experienced video production volunteers in the Washington DC area. We have video production activities that will be taking place on April 8 - 11. See the flyer for further details.

Video Production Volunteers Needed for RubyNation 2010

This is the second in a series of articles about the video production effort for RubyNation 2010. There are two goals for the production: 1) to record conference footage for distribution on the Web, and 2) to shoot sufficient footage before, during and after the conference to support the creation of a documentary about how to put on a successful public event.

Videotaping RubyNation 2010

At the conference, we'll have four videotaping exercises going on at once. The conference is double-track, which means that conference presentations will be delivered in two separate rooms at the Sheraton Hotel, the Main Ballroom and a Junior Ballroom. Most talks will be 40 minutes, although the Keynote from Dave Thomas, a prominent and popular speaker, will be 60 minutes. That accounts for two videotaping exercises.

The other two videotaping exercises will occur between conference talks; the schedule provides for 10 minutes between successive talks, plus a longer Lunch Break. First, we'll have a reporter and a cameraman conducting interviews with attendees, speakers and organizers. Second, as an experiment, we'll be setting up an automated, motion-activated camera for a "Ruby Confessional." This is essentially a booth where visitors may sit down and say anything they want to the video camera. Think of it as ad hoc video blogging.

Additionally, we have setup activities the day before the conference and the day after the conference. Setup includes arranging the room to facilitate filming, setting up cameras, positioning lights, etc. Breakdown involves taking down all the equipment, packing it up in appropriate boxes and then returning the equipment to AIM.

To do all of this, we need volunteers. Each ballroom will have two cameras, one to record the speaker and one to record a television that shows the speaker's presentation, i.e. - the second camera will indirectly capture the output of the projector.

Editorial Note: (May 29, 2010) The second camera setup was not ideal, and did not provide good-quality video, although it was useful for reference purposes. However, we realized this fact at the conference, and deliberately collected PDF versions of presentations from most of the speakers while they were at the conference.

So, what do we need in terms of volunteers? Ideally, one cameraman per camera. That's 4 cameras to cover the two rooms, plus the interviewer's cameraman. One interviewer. One producer, who roves around trouble-shooting. One director who roves around trouble-shooting, as well as managing the Ruby Confessional. That's 8 people.

At the moment, we have 4 (producer, director, interviewer, and interviewer's cameraman) who have committed to work at the conference. And we lose the interviewer and cameraman on the second day of the conference.

To get volunteers, we're looking to tap into the pool of volunteer video enthusiasts from Arlington Independent Media's membership program. Hence, this flyer, which will advertise our volunteer needs, and schedule, at AIM.


David Keener By ubolt on Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 11:51 PM EST

Wow. I can see where you really need a bunch of volunteers to videotape a conference, especially one the size of RubyNation.

David Keener By dkeener on Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 12:12 AM EST

Many thanks to Brian Long, our advisor from Arlington Independent Media, who helped Don Anderson and me get this video production effort off the ground.

The following people helped us with studio interviews:

Rashid Abdulghani — Technical Director
Beth Adelson — Camera
Bruce Godwin — Audio
Sarah Jean Olimb — Camera
Carol Sheffield — Camera
Ricardo Villollu — Director

The following people helped us out at the conference:

Farrokh Farhad, Camera
Daniel Nguyen, Camera
Laura Stuart, Camera
Wini Tse, On-Site Interviewer
Robert Waffle, Camera
Derek Yale, Camera (interviews + conference sessions)

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