Multi-Shots: The Web's Newest Craze

My friend, Don Anderson, is a talented graphic artist and photographer. He recently started a side business called Clonimation doing custom photo shoots to produce what's generally referred to as a "multi-shot." An example multi-shot featuring my 135-pound Lab-Rottweiler, Bentley, is shown below:

A Multi-Shot of Bentley Keener

Did you notice that there are 12 editions of Bentley in the picture? Don't forget to look at the upper deck of the pool area.

What Don does is stage a photo shoot where he takes multiple pictures of a designated subject in the same setting. He then uses Adobe Photoshop to seamlessly overlay multiple pictures of the subject within one single picture.

The resulting product, printed in color and in a size suitable for framing, has proven popular with both parents and pet owners. Don also provides customers with the picture in electronic form, so customers often end up using it as as a computer background or featuring it in on their blog or on FaceBook. In my case, I had Don do a photo shoot using my dog's favorite setting, the area around my backyard swimming pool.

The cost for this type of product is around $400. There is a fair amount of work involved, including the photo shoot, the Photoshop work and the color printing. In my case, of course, I used barter to exchange some of my web development expertise for the photo shoot.

I love the picture, though, and have a framed copy of the picture in my house. It really is a unique product, in my opinion, and well worth the money. It's definitely not your average portrait photograph.


David Keener By dkeener on Friday, June 25, 2010 at 03:09 PM EST

Sadly, Bentley, the 135-pound Labrador-Rottweiler shown in the picture, died on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at the age of 12 and a half.

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