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I've solved most of the workflow problems with the RubyNation 2011 video content from the main room, the footage that was shot with the awesome camera that we borrowed from Near Infinity. In the video realm, "workflow is a fancy word for getting video from the camera into a format that you can use for editing with all elements intact. It's backed up by Dave's Video Corollary - "no matter where you get video from, it will never be in the format that you need."

The camera is a Sony EX1 HDCAM. Sony produces a free software component called the XDCAM Log and Transfer Utility that allows Sony video footage to be imported into Final Cut Pro for editing. If you've saved the entirety of the content from the digital card (i.e. - the full directory tree), then importing works just fine.

Since Gray Herter, RubyNation's Chief Organizer, wanted the Ryan McGeary talk done first, I was successfully able to import the footage into Final Cut Pro and edit it. So, that talk is just waiting on the single-width animated intro bumper from Don Anderson before it goes out live on our channel.

Most of the talks are in fine shape. However, there was a glitch on Friday (the first day of the conference) that corrupted some metadata from one of the digital cards. This has impacted the Scott Chacon, Nick Gauthier and Jerry Cheung talks. I still have the raw video footage (so nothing is actually lost), just not the top-level metadata that will allow it to work with the import utility. I have a Plan B and Plan C for dealing with that content.

Plan B uses Adobe Premiere to handle the raw Sony video files, for which it is supposed to have native support. Plan C uses a commercial utility (about $120 or so) to recover the footage from the raw Sony video files if Adobe Premiere doesn't work.

It looks like the video footage is clear enough that I can get away with not doing the side-by-side video/slide thing that we did last year. Or, at least, that's true of Ryan McGeary's talk, where the slides were distinct, well-designed and clear. I may need to do side-by-side on some of the talks that are more code-focused. I'm currently deciding this on a case-by-case basis.

I think this year that we're also going to spring for a professional-level membership with, so we can have larger files, higher priority for transcoding activities and ultimately deliver high-resolution videos for viewers.

Anyway, welcome to the world of video production, where the work really begins when the event is over.


David Keener By dkeener on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 01:29 PM EST

I just received the single-width animated bumper from Don Anderson. So, we'll be pushing out the RubyNation 2011 videos very soon. The first will probably be up by the end of April (this weekend).

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