RubyNation 2012 Shirt Design Preview

Since this is 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar (and possibly the world), we decided to go with a Mayan theme for our RubyNation Conference shirts this year. Here's the logo for this year shirts, compliments of Don Anderson, our illustrious graphic artist.

According to Don: "The glyphs are the Mayan date for March 23rd — 2 Chik'chan, 13 Kumk'u 2012."

And for the really curious: "Dots represent 1 and bars 5, the shell is zero. Mayan is base 20 and from right to left, 12 (1's) + 0x20 + 5x400 = 2012. Yes I know this isn't the real Mayan Year, but if I did the long count I wouldn't have enough room. 2012 makes more sense."


David Keener By dkeener on Wednesday, March 07, 2012 at 01:58 AM EST

Just an FYI. It's going to be red T-shirts for attendees. For some reason, red has been extremely popular and so it's back by popular demand. On the red T-shirts, the above design will have a red background, white letters and "nation" will be in black.

Speakers and organizers get black polos, and the design will be exactly as above. The emblem will be embroidered for durability and will appear on the left chest area. Polos for speakers is one of the perks that RubyNation offers to our speakers that most conferences don't provide.

Since this also our 5th year, we've also created some charcoal hoodies for our hard-working volunteers that will have the same design, but with a charcoal background swapped for the black.

Gonna be some good swag at RubyNation 2012...

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