Agile Spaghetti

I recently had the opportunity to take the Agile Project Management class with Brian Watson from VersionOne. This was a prep class for the PMI-Agile Test.

During the class, one of the exercises was to build a freestanding structure using only spaghetti, Marshmallows, string and some blue tape. My team's end product appears below:

That's Brian Watson, the instructor, on the left side of the picture admiring our structure, which was the first one in the class to achieve any significant height.

The rules for the exercise were:

  • Build the tallest freestanding structure possible.
       - No hands

  • The marshmallow MUST be on top.

  • You may break. cut or rip the tape, twine and spaghetti.
       - Use as much or as little as you want

  • Timebox = 18 minutes

The exercise was great fun. My team's structure came in second place in height, due to the droopage factor. Although, if the measurement had been taken about 5 minutes earlier, we would have won.


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