David Keener and Steve Keener have been responsible for the design and implementation of numerous web sites. A few of their projects are presented below:

The AirBanking site was initiated by Main Street Bank, a local community bank, to serve as the online presence for their consumer banking services. Unlike the usual conservative and stuffy financial sites, they wanted a site that would appeal to young people, offer simplified services, incorporate social media technologies and provide more opportunities for customer involvement and participation.
Votridea is an easy-to-use online Contest Platform that fosters innovation by building communities around ideas and challenges. Votridea is an all-in-one, customizable suite of contest and community management tools that makes the complex process of building online multimedia contests simple.

Votridea is the productized evolution of the robust and scalable platform that was originally built for ExchangesConnect, the Department of State's annual online video contest.

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Iran Voices
This Facebook application was created to allow Iranians, both current citizens and expatriots living abroad, to voice their opinions about the issues that will affect the future of Iran. Users can participate by creating polls, responding to polls and viewing both poll results and Iranian news gathered from Twitter feeds.
Apps@State is a wide-ranging initative to provide the public affairs officers (PAOs) of the Department of State with tools for 21st century statecraft. This web site was a brochure site announcing this initiative at the Department of State's annual PAO Conference.
RubyNation Conference
RubyNation is a highly successful regional Ruby conference hosted annually in the Washington DC metropolitan area, and is arguably one of the best Ruby conferences in the country. David Keener was one of the original founders of the conference in 2008, and has worked hard to make each year's conference better than the last.

Among his many conference-related responsibilities, David Keener has helped design and implement the conference web site, developed the original Sponsorship Prospectus to engage sponsors, worked on each year's Conference Program and, in 2010, led the video production effort for the conference.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NTCM publishes a variety of highly regarded mathematics journals targeted on the teaching of mathematics for different age groups. In this project, David Keener worked with NCTM to design, implement and field a subscription-based web site that made years of journal articles available to NCTM members online. This was a high-profile project for NCTM and an extremely successful one.
The #1 career site for individuals in the accounting, finance, banking and insurance professions. This is the original look of the site in 2000 when David Keener founded the company with several partners. The company has since been sold to OnTargetJobs.
As a marketing gimmick, the calculator in the upper left corner was fully functional, utilizing JavaScript to perform the actual functions of a calculator.
This striking blog site was created for a professional motorcycle racer. The Home page design is stark and simple, with an inset picture that randomly shows different racing scenes each time the web page is loaded. The Home page also shows summaries for the most recent two blog entries, ensuring that there is sufficient meaningful text on the page so that search engines can properly categorize the site. The site was built using WordPress, with a custom theme.
Specktrum is an accounting consultancy located in the Northern Virginia area. For this project, David Keener worked closely with the CEO to craft a web site that 1) communicated the advanced accounting services that the organization could provide, and 2) matched the existing branding that the company had developed.
Americonsultant was a small, DC-based consulting firm started by Jeff Edwards, a local businessman. The organization's specialty was requirements analysis; the site's design reflected the owner's desire to emphasize proper requirements gathering as a key element in mapping a path to deliver quality software.
BTRM (Business Technologies Release Management) was a group within AOL that had the mission of ensuring the integrity and quality of software releases across the organization. David Keener worked with BTRM to make process information and automated tools available online to over 900 AOL staff members. JFreeChart, a sophisticated Java charting library, was used to provide dynamically generated charts and graphs within the context of the web site, allowing metrics to be integrated into web-based tools where they would be accessible to the people who needed the information the most.