Designing a Card Game

Several recent conferences have used custom card games to get attendees to interact with each other (though the rules were rather deficient). Here’s a nice overview article on how to design a card game.

Note: The link has been removed because it now goes to a site about online gambling.

Cory Doctorow on Internet Productivity

Cory Doctorow, writer and Internet commentator, compares the Internet to rock-n-roll, citing the fluid, chaotic nature of Internet businesses. He holds that the primary advantage offered by the Internet is “doing something X-percent as well with less-than-X-percent” of the necessary resources.

First Internal Rails App at AOL

David Keener led the team that launched the Exception Request Tool (ERT), the first internal corporate application to be fielded (and actively used) at AOL using Ruby on Rails. This follows on the heels of Ficlets (which later became and circaVie, the first two customer-facing applications fielded with Rails.