Git is Great for Branches

I’ve been using git pretty heavily lately. The commands are a little wonky to learn, but once you’ve mastered a core set, distributed software revision control becomes a snap. I’m particularly impressed with how smoothly git manages branches and synchronization. I remember how painful that was in Subversion (and CVS).

Slideshare Down for the Count

Started to get all of the presentations online via SlideShare, but they seem to be down for the count. All major functionality (uploads, etc.) seems to be down except for, fortunately, support for embedded presentations. You’d think they’d have some sort of contingency plan in effect or some kind of staff notification feature.

JRuby Teams Jumps to EngineYard

Oracle is in the process of acquiring Sun, where three core team members of the JRuby development team work. Charles Nutter and company have jumped ship to join EngineYard, a prominent hosting company and a major supporter of the Ruby community. In fact, they’re one of the sponsors of our local RubyNation Conference. There’s more information about this on

Subversion Branching and Merging

This blog entry by Ned Batchelder is basically the best article I’ve seen on branching and merging using Subversion.

Note: (2018/01/13) Er, it’s a good article. But I’ve since moved on to git, a technology that makes branching and merging much, much easier. Friends don’t let friends do Subversion anymore.

Hosting with WebFaction

Based on recommendations from several of my fellow web professionals, including Naveen Vemula and Allan Bunch, I’ve chosen for my Rails web hosting needs. I have 4 web sites that will be moved to Rails over the next few months, including

Dead Man Walking

This blistering article in the April issue of Fast Company exposes the management problems, lack of vision and business ineptitude that have transformed AOL from a high-flying Internet company and world-class brand-name into a slow-motion train wreck. The article is also strikingly negative about Randy Falco’s reign of error as the CEO of the organization.

Note: (2018/01/13) From my own experience at AOL, I think AOL is a technology company that never realized it was a technology company, with a tradition of hiring CEOs who never understood the Internet.

Metro Web Services Stack

I’ve started working with Metro 1.1, the new, high-performance web services stack from Sun. Metro packages up Sun’s reference implementation of JAX-WS (Java API for XML Web Services), JAXB for bindings and WSIT (Web Services Interoperability Technologies) into one comprehensive package. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about my experiences later.

Winning an iPod Touch

I just won the new 8GB iPod Touch at an AOL offsite event (for best team scores in bowling if you can believe it). Within 8 hours, I had it filled with music, i.e. – more than 700 songs. Truly an impressive device … expect some posts about it later.