Next NOVARUG Meeting Should Be Good

Chad Fowler and Dave Thomas, two prominent Ruby-ists, will be speaking at the next NovaRUG meeting on April 15, 2009. Talks start at 7:00 PM; networking begins at 6:30. It may be crowded, so register in advance. The meeting will be held at FGM headquarters; see the NovaRUG web site for details on the location and how to register.

Hosting with WebFaction

Based on recommendations from several of my fellow web professionals, including Naveen Vemula and Allan Bunch, I’ve chosen for my Rails web hosting needs. I have 4 web sites that will be moved to Rails over the next few months, including

Recent Partial Web Site Outage

My apologies to everyone for the recent problems with the web site. My hosting company,, made a sweeping security policy change on the Windows host where my site resides which broke major portions of my web site. Basically, they broke the site’s capability to show the full text of articles and also broke most of the administrative features of the site … right before I went on vacation to Scotland for 10 days. Needless to say, I exchanged some progressively more aggressive emails with them until the problem was resolved today.