JRuby Teams Jumps to EngineYard

Oracle is in the process of acquiring Sun, where three core team members of the JRuby development team work. Charles Nutter and company have jumped ship to join EngineYard, a prominent hosting company and a major supporter of the Ruby community. In fact, they’re one of the sponsors of our local RubyNation Conference. There’s more information about this on Slashdot.org.

Steve Keener at Apraho National Park

Steve Keener at Apraho National Park Steve Keener was just on vacation in Colorado for some dedicated cross-country riding. On Day 7 of the “riding” vacation, he set up his Oregon Scientific helmet mounted camera to collect video showing what it was like to travel through Apraho National Park on a dirt bike.

From Steve:

Drew Marcum and I were running together on the trails, with other riders in our group further ahead. This was Day 7 of our group ‘riding’ vacation, and we were in the Apraho National Forest, near Granby, Colorado. I was recording video with my Oregon Scientific helmet mounted camera. We ended up doing about 29 miles out into the forest, and then came back by a different route.

New Specktrum Release

A new release of Specktrum.net went live today. As part of the release, the web site has been moved from Windows hosting to Linux (CentOS) hosting using the Apache web server. Specktrum is an accounting firm.

Skill Set in a Day

David Keener has been invited by Code Sherpas to create a course for their “Skillset In a Day” educational program. The Skillset in a Day series consists of one-day courses that delve deeply into a single technical subject. They are designed to give technical professionals a jump-start in the target subject in a minimum amount of time.

Radical Career Success Online

On July 1, 2009, Chad Fowler and Andy Lester had an excellent webcast, sponsored by O’Reilly, called “Radical Career Success in a Down Economy.” The recording of that webcast is now available online, as well as my blog entry discussing the talk.

RubyNation 2009 Survey Results

Survey results from the RubyNation 2009 survey have been trickling in, and we’re very pleased with the results. This was only the second year that we’ve run the conference, and we’ve sold out both years. Even better, 2009 had 15% more attendees than 2008, so we were able to occupy a larger venue. Anyway, 66.8% of respondents rated RubyNation Very Good or Excellent compared to similar conferences. Counting in those who considered the conference Average for its type, 91.8% of respondents considered RubyNation to be Average or better for this type of technical conference.

All Articles Now Online Again

All KeenerTech.com articles are now online again. Some of the older articles, from 2006 and early 2007, required extra work to get them moved into the new content management system. So, now you know how Dave Keener spent a good part of his July 4th holiday weekend.