Slideshare Down for the Count

Started to get all of the presentations online via SlideShare, but they seem to be down for the count. All major functionality (uploads, etc.) seems to be down except for, fortunately, support for embedded presentations. You’d think they’d have some sort of contingency plan in effect or some kind of staff notification feature.

Article View Counts

I just added view counts for all of the articles on the web site, and this count is now displayed for all articles that have over a 100 page views (which is most of them generally, except the newest ones). The hardest part was collating the data (which goes back to 2005 and comes from several different sources) and getting it ported into the database. So this is how I occupy myself during the Blizzard of ’09.

AWStats Now Working

Finally got AWStats working for this blog site. I’ve already got SiteMeter (the free version), which provides one view of the site’s traffic, but it will be interesting to contrast this with the more detailed view provided by AWStats.