New Toy: Final Cut Express

My new toy just arrived, compliments of Final Cut Express. So, I’m now armed and dangerous when it comes to video editing. OK, ok, so it’s not Final Cut Pro, but it’s got a solid subset of features for video editing (and it was MUCH cheaper), and I’m working with two other editors who have Final Cut Pro (so they can do the extra heavy lifting if needed). Onwards to the editing of RubyNation conference content!

RubyNation 2011

We felt that the April timeframe worked out so well for RubyNation 2010 that we’ve already booked the same timeframe for RubyNation 2011. Next year’s conference will be April 8 – 9, 2011, with a separately paid for training day on April 7 for those who are interested.

New Computer Consultants Meetup

My friend, Charles Calvert, has just formed a new Computer Consultants meetup to replace the now-defunct Independent Computer Consultants Association (ICCA), which went bankrupt at the end of 2009. If you’re interested in consulting, you should think about trying out one of this group’s meetings.

Joining Toastmasters

I joined Toastmasters last Wednesday to ramp up my public speaking skills, particularly since I’ve been regularly speaking at user groups and technical conferences. My long-term goal is to be as effective in front of an audience as speakers that I admire, such as nationally known speakers like Dave Thomas and Chad Fowler, or top local speakers like Jeff Casimir.

Two External Drives and Final Cut Express

I just spent $641.16 on equipment to accommodate the video editing needs of RubyNation 2010. Specifically, I ordered two 2TB Western Digital external drives with FireWire800 support to handle our video storage needs. The FireWire800 support also ensures that the drives can be used as scratch drives during video editing. Additionally, I ordered Final Cut Express for myself (my other editors both have Final Cut Pro, so we’re covered).

RubyNation Retrospective 2010

We just had the Retrospective for RubyNation 2010, where all of the organizers get together for a celebratory dinner and discuss 1) what worked well with the conference, and 2) what needs to be improved for next year. I believe this strategy is one of the key reasons that RubyNation has steadily improved as a conference over the past three years.

KeenerTech Crosses Milestone just recently crossed an important milestone. I implemented Google’s AdSense program in December 2009. The site is getting enough traffic now, and has Google ads sufficiently integrated into the site, that is now self-sustaining. That is, the site earns at least enough through advertising to pay for its hosting costs. As a by-product, it also covers the hosting costs of the other sites that I host for various people.

Running Amuck at Quantico

Those pesky marketing folks at MetroStar Systems have done it again. Our company is sponsoring the Marine Corps series of races, and the marketing folks pounced on me (in a weak moment) and convinced me to sign up for the Marine Corps Run Amuck race on August 14th. This four-mile race engages runners in obstacles, mud pits, a water challenge and more beginning at 8:00 AM!