Nick Sieger’s Rails/Java Video

While I functioned as the producer and driving force behind RubyNation’s video production effort, I had only limited editing experiencer with Final Cut Pro. Nick Sieger’s video on “Rails: The Killer Java Web Stack,” is the first conference video that I was 100% responsible for from beginning to end.

NOVARUG Rails/Facebook Talk

I’ll be giving my “Leveraging Rails to Build Facebook Apps, Version 2.0” talk at the NovaRUG meeting on September 15th. This version of the talk incorporates the recent changes that Facebook has made to its developer ecosystem. It will also be videotaped by the incomparable Don Anderson, although the talk won’t be available online until after I’ve given the talk at SunnyConf in Phoenix, AZ.

GSA Competitions and Prizes Industry Day

I attended the GSA’s Competitions and Prizes Industry Day yesterday, an event designed to facilitate President Obama’s mandate for using contests and prizes to spur innovation, transparency and collaboration within government. Contests represent an exciting application space, and I was pleased to be able to talk to folks about our Votridea Contest Platform.