Killer Business Models and DC Consultants

I’ll be presenting my talk on “Creating Killer Business Models” on June 21, 2011 at the DC Computer Consultants Meetup. This is a “big picture” business talk that should be useful for anybody working for startups or contemplating starting their own company.

RubyNation Collateral

I added a RubyNation Collateral section to my portfolio to showcase some of the key documents and graphics that have been created for RubyNation over the last few years. Let me know what you think!

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum MasterI just completed an excellent Scrum Master course by Sanjiv Augustine, the author of “Agile Project Management.” Then I completed the online test to get my Scrum Master certification. I highly recommend Sanjiv’s LitheSpeed company for agile/scrum training.

RubyNation 2011: A Great Success

RubyNation 2011 is now in the history books. I have to say that it was another highly successful and inspiring conference, with dozens of talks by some of the field’s top Rubyists. We had 216 attendees this year, up from last year’s 185. Plus, I’ll treasure my pirate hat forever (speaker Chris Williams handed out pirate hats to go with his pirate-themed talk).