Improving Ads

This site is currently on target to make $100 in Google advertising by March 2015, which will be about 25 months after my last Google advertising payout. This seems like a challenge to me: I’m going to leverage my technical and social networking skills to see if I can cut this time in half or better. And I’m going to blog about my tactics, and the overall results. Goes to 1.5 GB

I’m so glad raised their video size limit to 1.5 GB. Previously, it was 1 GB, and I had a devil of a time meeting that size limit with 45-minute RubyNation conference videos.

New MacBook Pro

“The Mac is dead, long live the Mac!” I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Macbook Pro. I ordered it today as a replacement for my old one, which suffered a terminal crash.

Loudoun County Tops the List

Loudoun County in Virginia tops the list of the richest counties in America. Yes, there is a down economy, but Northern Virginia is certainly feeling it a lot less than many other places.

Comments Now Reviewed

I was getting too many spam comments added to articles and news entries. Accordingly, all comments are now reviewed before they go live.

Atom Feed Is Fixed

My friend Jake Vanus pointed out to me that the Articles Atom feed for the site was broken during the Rails 3 upgrade. It is now fixed. Ported to Rails 3.0

It’s been a long time coming, but has now been fully ported to Rails 3. The chief hold-up for the conversion was a few pesky gems that needed to be swapped out for compatibility.