Contact is an initiative of David Keener and Steve Keener, two brothers who are both high-tech information technology experts with a significant background in Java and Ruby on Rails, as well as related technolgies (CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, various databases, etc.) commonly used in producing enterprise-caliber web applications.

Consider us for your next software project, whether it's a small-scale web site or a large-scale application development effort.

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Steve Keener on the #6 bike, in a tight turn at Summit Point Race Track with two racers following right behind him. The #6 on the bike signified that Steve was the 6th highest-rated professional-level motorcycle racer in the Mid-Atlantic region.

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David Keener speaking at the RubyNation 2008 conference to a sold-out audience. The topic of the talk was "Practical JRuby", which can be viewed online in PDF form. Photography by Gray Herter.

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