Next NOVARUG Meeting Should Be Good

Chad Fowler and Dave Thomas, two prominent Ruby-ists, will be speaking at the next NovaRUG meeting on April 15, 2009. Talks start at 7:00 PM; networking begins at 6:30. It may be crowded, so register in advance. The meeting will be held at FGM headquarters; see the NovaRUG web site for details on the location and how to register.

Chad Fowler’s Rails Class

Compliments to AOL, for procuring several sessions of Chad Fowler’s Ruby on Rails class, one of which I’m enrolled in beginning Monday, March 26th. Chad Fowler is the author of the book “Rails Recipes.”

Chad Fowler at NovaRUG

Chad Fowler, author of the book “Rails Recipes,” covered a grab bag of Rails tips and tricks during his presentation at the users group meeting in Reston. It was a well-attended meeting.