Goes to 1.5 GB

I’m so glad raised their video size limit to 1.5 GB. Previously, it was 1 GB, and I had a devil of a time meeting that size limit with 45-minute RubyNation conference videos.

RubyNation 2012 Retrospective

The organizers met at Vinifera last night for our annual conference retrospective and dinner. Great food, excellent wine, awesome friends. What more could you want for a good time?

RubyNation 2012 Is Over

RubyNation is like a microcosm of excellent talks, mind-blowing ideas, awesome food and great people. When it’s over, I’m simultaneously elated that we pulled off another great event and sad that it’s over.

RubyNation T-Shirt Orders

Whew. Shirt orders for RubyNation 2012 have been submitted to CustomInk, and we spent a pile of money. Red T-shirts for attendees; black polos for speakers and organizers; and charcoal hoodies for organizers (by special request this year).

RubyNation 2012 Schedule Finalized

The organizers met tonight and worked out the schedule for all of the talks at RubyNation 2012, which will be held March 23 – 24. I’m speaking right before the Saturday Closing Keynote by Corey Haines.