Voxant Merges with Anystream

The official announcement went out over the wires today. My company, Voxant Media, just merged with Anystream. Voxant Media specializes in building an advertiser-supported distribution network for monetizing content such as video, images and text. Anystream produces products that process video, transcribe video as needed and generally make it available for distribution. Their most notable recent activity is streaming all of the content from the Beijing Olympics.

Note: (2018/01/13) I worked for Voxant, an Internet startup. They merged with Anystream to form a new company called Grab Networks and, later, Grab Media. The combined company never achieved the financial results the venture capitalists were looking for and they finally sold off the various pieces of the organization about four years ago. I ended up leaving Grab Networks in mid-2009.

Joining Voxant

Voxant Well, after five productive years at AOL, I’m finally leaving for greener pastures. I officially submitted my resignation notice to AOL today. I’ll be joining Voxant as a technical architect, effective March 31, 2008.