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KeenerTech: Living a Technical Life

Yeah, so I decided to start working again on getting this site back up to snuff. Thought I’d start by finding a new and vastly improved theme/header image for the web site. I eventually found an excellent rights-free image (designated as CCO, or Creative Commons Zero) on Pixabay.

Let me know what you think…

All News Items Have Been Ported

This is actually version 4 of the KeenerTech web site, which has been up in one form or another since 2004. In the previous version, blog entries were divided up between Articles and News, with the news-oriented entries typically much shorter. All of the “News” entries have been ported into this version of the web site.

Next up, the “Articles,” starting from newest to oldest. Then some of the other features of the web site will return.

Time Warp: Back to 2010

Well, I’m making progress on getting content moved into the new system. The old site had roughly 300 articles and 300 short news items. I’ve started with the news items and am now back to 2010. It feels like some sort of time warp, as I relive some of my past experiences in reverse.

As soon as I get the news items loaded all the way back to 2006, I’ll start on the articles. They’ll take a bit more work. So, yeah, it’s an ongoing process.

Then, later, I’ll start on the subsidiary pages…the Gallery, Portfolio, list of Presentations, etc.

Yes, I’m Still Me

Yes, is still owned by David Keener, the technical architect, cybersecurity expert, conference runner and public speaker.

For various technical reasons beyond my control, the old Rails-based site became non-operational when my hosting plan was migrated from CENTOS 5 to CENTOS 7.

I decided this was as good a time as any to move it to WordPress 4.8. All of the old content will be coming back to the site as I have time. That amounts to about 600 blog posts and accompanying graphics, so that’s going to take a while.

Git, For Real

I just conducted an educational session on git for software developers and system engineers at General Dynamics Mission Systems. The slides will be published online in the next few weeks.

David Keener at Balticon

I was invited to participate in the Programming track at Balticon 2017. I may even be conducting one of my workshops there, although details are still up in the air.

Note: (2017/07/15) I did end up running a workshop called: “”Is Your Setting Strong Enough to Support a Series?”

David Keener, Workshop at Balticon

A/V for Event at Verizon

David Keener, in the Production Booth

I was the Technical Chair in charge of A/V and technical operations for the Toastmasters District 29 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) on July 23, 2016. Held at the Verizon headquarters in Ashburn, VA.

It’s basically a half-day, five-track training session for about a hundred people, with an A/V setup for all of the rooms.

Note: The photo is by Edmond Joe, and is easily the best shot he took at the conference.