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New Quotes API
Just added a new API for random quotes. Gotta love Rails.
David Keener January 11, 2015
My Ruby Gems
I'm very pleased to see that the Ruby gems that I released into the wild are doing very well. Active Breadcrumbs has almost 11K downloads and Domain Name Validator has almost 5K downloads.
David Keener June 11, 2014
My Slideshare Presentations
To date, my presentations on Slideshare.net have generated more than 82K page views. Check out the link, or go to this site's Presentations page to find out more about my online content.
David Keener May 23, 2014
Titanic Presentation
This is totally non-technical, but the slides for my short talk on the Titanic are now online. A transcript of the talk content is also available.
David Keener September 12, 2013

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States
More Than 100K Views
Every once in a while, I toddle on over to SlideShare, where I post most of my presentations, and just check to see how many views my presentations have had.

This time, I was gratified to see that I've crossed one of those significant boundaries. My presentations have been viewed more than one hundred thousand times.

Come see what my all-time Top Ten presentations are...
In the Slideshare Top 5% for 2014
I've got twenty of my presentations up on Slideshare. My most popular presentation of the year was Social Networking: The Next Weapon Against Bad Actors, which is about how social networking technologies can be leveraged to assist in cyber security. I first presented this at the government's GFIRST Cyber Security Conference.

My second most popular presentation was 21st Century Writer. This one discusses changes in the publishing industry brought on by the advent of electronic books.
Speaking at DevIgnition

My friend and fellow conference organizer, Gray Herter, just sent me a picture he took of me speaking at the DevIgnition Conference at Booz Allen Hamilton’s Newman Auditorium in McLean, VA. This is another of the 37 plus places that I’ve spoken at, although it was a very, very nice venue. There were roughly 150 attendees present at the event.
Interesting Email Chain
An interesting email chain from work (with the names changed to protect the innocent), into which I just HAD to slip an esoteric movie reference...
RubyNation 2014 Logo Preview
Here's a preview of the new RubyNation 2014 logo. This year's challenge was to integrate an iconic Washington DC landmark with the ubiquitous ruby gemstone motif that's so prevalent in the Ruby language community.

A more line-oriented version of this logo is going to look awesome on the conference T-shirts next week.
In the SlideShare Top 2% for 2013
I was just notified that I was one of the Top 2% Most Viewed for 2013 on SlideShare. I have a total of 19 presentations posted online, and they've been generating some great traffic all year.

About the Target Attack
For those who might be interested in what really happened during the recent Target retail attack, where information about 40 million credit cards was stolen (including mine), here’s a really interesting article from Security Week:


In a nutshell, the attackers used a RAM scraper to pull credit card information that was stored “in the clear” within memory.

And yes, I was issued a new card because of this whole fiasco.
Domain Names Made Easy for Non-Techies
One of my non-technical friends, a writer and motivational speaker, bought a new domain name recently, then asked me how to get it pointed to her soon-to-be-rebranded website. The ensuing discussion revealed that she, like most non-techies, knew next to nothing about domain names, other than that "she needed one."

Since I suspect there are many other people around just like her, I thought it might be a good idea to demystify domain names. So, let's go on a tour through the wild, wild badlands of the Internet.
The Magic Incantation
If you're a system administrator, please don't read this article. It contains highly sensitive and technical information of general use only to software engineers. Also, please note that when I say "software engineer," I mean individuals who actually develop software.

Um, and by "developing software," I mean individuals who actually write code. So, basically, this article is for the roughly 10% of software engineers and system engineers that actually build things (I'm not actually being snarky; this is the rough percentage that I'm seeing in government consulting).

If you're still with me, read on...
Using Social Networking to Fight Bad Actors
Check out my cyber security presentation from GFIRST 2012...

GFIRST was a 1500-person conference hosted by the Department of Homeland Security. I conducted this presentation in round-robin fashion with my two partners in crime, Dave Roberts and Jonathan Quigg.

My Presentations on SlideShare
I regularly release all of my presentations on SlideShare.net. To date, my presentations have been viewed over 74,046 times. Today, I thought I'd share my Top 5 list with you.
NationJS Speakers Selected
The speakers for NationJS, a new regional JavaScript conference, have been selected. I was part of the Selection Committee that met last night to consider all of the proposed talks that we received from our Call for Papers.

There were a lot of great proposals from speakers across the country. This was gratifying because it's always a challenge starting up a new regional conference. We were pleased to discover that so many top-notch speakers were interested in head-lining our event.

It's going to be a one-day, double-track event. It will be held at the Silver Spring Civic Center, where we last hosted RubyNation 2013.

We're expecting quite a few attendees, as well. I hope to see you there...