Confident Code

Avdi Grimm’s Rubynation 2011 talk on “Confident Code” is now available online. Check it out online at!

Killer Business Models and DC Consultants

I’ll be presenting my talk on “Creating Killer Business Models” on June 21, 2011 at the DC Computer Consultants Meetup. This is a “big picture” business talk that should be useful for anybody working for startups or contemplating starting their own company.

Jeff Casimir’s Educational Talk

I just finished editing and uploading Jeff Casimir’s top-rated education talk, “How to Teach Anything to Anybody, Even Your Dev Team.” The talk is now available online at Check it out now!

Rubyology Interview

David Keener was just interviewed by Chris Matthieu and Jason Goecke for Episode 92 of the Rubyology podcast. The interview was about Facebook, Ruby on Rails and Dave’s upcoming talk at SunnyConf later this month. Check out the podcast!

JFreeChart Presentation for NovaJUG

I will be presenting for the Northern Virginia Java Users Group (NovaJUG) on April 9, 2008. The topic will be “Creating Dynamic Charts With JFreeChart.” I’ve given this talk several times for AOL during my recent tenure there, so the presentation is already available in PDF form on my Presentations page. See the NovaJUG web site for directions to the meeting location at the FGM headquarters in Reston. The talk begins at 7:00 PM, although the (optional) networking activities begin around 6:30 PM.

QuickStart Rails

I decided to create some brief “Quick Start” presentations with the expectation that there might be opportunities to present them as “fillers” at other events. No sooner did I finish the first one, “Quick Start: What Is Rails?”, than I found myself presenting it internally within AOL twice in two weeks. The PDF of the presentation is now available online. Check out the Presentations web page for other available presentations.

AOL Brown Bag Presentation

I will be conducting my presentation, “Using Rails to Create an Enterprise App: A Real-Life Case Study,” as a Brown Bag presentation at AOL on November 27th, 2007.