Transitioning Git Projects

Git is a distributed version control system originally developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux operating system. Git commands are used to maintain a repository of git projects, where each project tracks changes to a set of files.

A fairly common activity for developers is to transfer a git project from one repository to another one. There are several ways to do this. However, the environments I typically work in have rather severe security constraints, so I’m not expecting one repository to have direct access to the other repository.
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Git, For Real

I just conducted an educational session on git for software developers and system engineers at General Dynamics Mission Systems. The slides will be published online in the next few weeks.

Deploying KeenerTech From Git

I just published my first update from my shiny, new Git repository. But I still have all of my old history from my original Subversion repository. How cool is that?

(OK, maybe you really have to be a techie to appreciate this.)

Wahoo! KeenerTech on Private Git

I just got the KeenerTech private git repository set up, which is important to me because, well, git is cool. Plus I really need easy branching in order to get KeenerTech converted from Rails 2.3.5 to Rails 3.0.7. The extensive site administration features have some fairly serious Rails upgrade issues.

Git is Great for Branches

I’ve been using git pretty heavily lately. The commands are a little wonky to learn, but once you’ve mastered a core set, distributed software revision control becomes a snap. I’m particularly impressed with how smoothly git manages branches and synchronization. I remember how painful that was in Subversion (and CVS).

Subversion Branching and Merging

This blog entry by Ned Batchelder is basically the best article I’ve seen on branching and merging using Subversion.

Note: (2018/01/13) Er, it’s a good article. But I’ve since moved on to git, a technology that makes branching and merging much, much easier. Friends don’t let friends do Subversion anymore.