Section 508 and the NOVARUG

My friend and former boss, Jessie Link, will be giving a talk on “Section 508 Compliance” at the NovaRUG meeting on January 25, 2012. Even if you’re not mandated to be compliant, it’s an excellent talk on web design practices. Check it out! (Plus my friend Arild Shiraz will be talking on Domain-Specfic Languages — DSL’s)

NOVARUG 50th Meeting

The Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group (NOVARUG) is hosting its 50th meeting tonight. David Keener will be one of the speakers at the event, and his topic will be “Web Services Specification.”

David Keener Speaking at “Rails 101 Night”

David Keener will be speaking, along with Gray Herter and Arild Shirazi, at the Rails 101 Night being hosted by the NovaRUG (the Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group). The night is aimed at Ruby newbies, and will be focused loosely on “rails persistence,” i.e. – how data gets stored in the database. Dave’s topic will be “Rails Tips and Tricks” — basically, a compendium of tips that Dave wished he’d had in-hand when he started programming in Rails.

Regional Ruby Conference (2008)

The as-yet-unnamed regional Ruby conference being planned by the NovaRUG has been tentatively scheduled for June 28th. Right now, it’s planned as a one-day event, although I’m hopeful that it will expand to a two-day event. Expansion to two days would, of course, increase my chances of being one of the speakers.

NovaRUG March 19th

I will be speaking at the Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group on March 19, 2008. The topic will be “Implementing OpenID for Your Social Networking Web Site.” Meetings start at 6:00 PM for networking, with presentations beginning at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at the FGM building in Reston; see the NovaRug web site for directions.

Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group

Douglas Sellers gave a nice presentation on the practical uses of Selenium for testing web sites. He then demonstrated some of the advantages of using Selenium on Rails to improve the testing experience. Afterwards, Sean Mountcastle spoke on REST development in Rails.

Chad Fowler at NovaRUG

Chad Fowler, author of the book “Rails Recipes,” covered a grab bag of Rails tips and tricks during his presentation at the users group meeting in Reston. It was a well-attended meeting.