All News Items Have Been Ported

This is actually version 4 of the KeenerTech web site, which has been up in one form or another since 2004. In the previous version, blog entries were divided up between Articles and News, with the news-oriented entries typically much shorter. All of the “News” entries have been ported into this version of the web site.

Next up, the “Articles,” starting from newest to oldest. Then some of the other features of the web site will return.

Note: Interestingly enough, the technologies have changed over the years. The first version was straight HTML, the second was, the third was Ruby on Rails, and this latest version is WordPress.

KeenerTech Changes

Inspired by RailsConf 2010, I’ve updated the site to support comments on all of the articles. I’ve also added a modest little Gallery page and a bunch of tweaks and minor re-factors.

Article View Counts

I just added view counts for all of the articles on the web site, and this count is now displayed for all articles that have over a 100 page views (which is most of them generally, except the newest ones). The hardest part was collating the data (which goes back to 2005 and comes from several different sources) and getting it ported into the database. So this is how I occupy myself during the Blizzard of ’09.

Atom Feed Now Available

I’ve just added an Atom feed to the web site. The feed makes articles easily accessible to users with any feed reader. It also makes it easier to leverage the content on other sites, e.g. – article entries are now visible on LinkedIn.

All Articles Now Online Again

All articles are now online again. Some of the older articles, from 2006 and early 2007, required extra work to get them moved into the new content management system. So, now you know how Dave Keener spent a good part of his July 4th holiday weekend.

Missing Content Online Soon

There are still a few issues being worked out since the launch of the new on Sunday, June 21. The largest is that some of the oldest articles on the site, including a couple of Dave’s most popular articles, are not online yet. That will be fixed by the end of this upcoming weekend. Those articles actually pre-date any use of a content management system for the site and are thus in HTML form. They’ll be online as soon as they can be entered into the site’s CMS and be suitably edited and verified.

KeenerTech Version 3

A new version of the web site, designated as Version 3, is in the works. Version 1 was a Java/JSP intranet (on my home network); Version 2 is the current ASP.NET site. Version 3 is a full Rails 2.2.2 site, with admin functionality implemented using the ActiveScaffold plugin, a wider page content area and numerous other features. This should explain why there’s been fewer blog entries on the site lately (plus the workload at Grab Networks, of course).